Chiropractic for Children

Help your child’s body work the best that it can to fight and heal.

Supporting Growing BOdies and Minds

Chiropractic is a gentle yet effective modality for children of all ages — newborns through the teen years. Kids adjustments are more gentle than a typical adult adjustment — we’d describe it as applied pressure, similar to a massage.

Dr. Katie has extensive experience adjusting children. She will help you and your child both feel very at ease and meet you where you are at. She has learned to be very adaptable and can adjust your child in any position — on the table, on the floor, baby lying on mom’s chest — we’ve seen it all! Some children are so busy playing or drawing they don’t even notice they are being adjusted!

Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Child With:

Infant Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Dr. Katie is trained in craniosacral therapy — a gentle technique that works to restore the natural position of cranial and sacral bones by increasing the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and easing muscle tension.

Craniosacral therapy is especially effective for babies to help reduce colic, improve torticollis, release tension in the neck and diaphragm, improve sleep, and increase breastfeeding comfort and success.

Designed With Kids in Mind

Elmore Family Chiropractic was designed to prioritize kids. Come check out our family room — a space where the whole family can gather and get their adjustments in succession. Nothing in the room is off limits. It was designed to invite children to explore and play freely.

Girl Playing During Appointment
Illustration of a Girl
“I took my son to her for a back injury a few times. She was very professional and works great with kids as well as amazing at healing. She always took the time to listen to any questions or concerns we had. I would bring my son back to her again in a heartbeat!”
Brittany M.

More Happy & Healthy Days Ahead

Chiropractic is a safe, gentle, and natural option to support your child’s body as it grows, adapts, fights illness, and heals from injury.